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rain the last day or so. nothing like what is happening in oklahoma tonight. >> we want to take you to live pictures happening in the midwest. these are live pictures coming from our affiliates. hitre told a tornado earlier today. >> these are live pictures where you can see the damage that has been done by some of these tornadoes. those living in the south will be seen with the weather over the weekend. these images are remarkable. you can see the tornadoes and clouds forming as it is happening. >> i heard there was a tornado warning for the town of norman, okla., a fairly significant town. there are a lot of people trying to get to cover at this point. >> people already trying to dig
6:31 pm
out and pick up some of the damage. to clean up some of the damage already done. .e want to get to steve rudin he has been following the latest. he has more on the tornadoes. >> they call it tornado alley for a reason. this time of year, it is not uncommon to see and large tornadoes forms. there are two tornado warnings of the bottom of your screen just below oklahoma city. that is norman. a second larger storm is moving to stillwater and eventually towards tulsa. they're talking reports of hail the size of baseballs with these complex storms. so far, 32 tornadoes have been confirmed as it continues to move to the north and east. and willmpacts kansas
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eventually make its way towards missouri. that area is under a tornado watch until midnight. for us, a much different situation. the temperature right now is 75 at reagan national airport. we will see our temperatures in the 60's tonight. in a few minutes, we will take a look at the extended outlook. are you ready for temperatures near 90? it is coming. >> two fbi agents are dead, killed during a training exercise off of the virginia coast. the accident happened friday near virginia beach. the agents have been identified. both men were part of the critical incident responds group. they're both based at the quantico marine base. they are investigating what happened. >> it will be days before train service is restored queen -- between new york and boston. investigators are still examining the site of the crash where commuter trains collided. the ntsb says it is making
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progress. workers receive -- removed sections of rail. they will be examined in d.c. >> we have been working around the clock to determine what caused the accident and what we can do to prevent it from happening again. we anticipate releasing the accident site this evening so they may begin the process of restoring the tracks and service. >> 72 people were hurt in the crash. nine are still in the hospital. amtrak service between new york and connecticut is suspended. there is limited service between new haven and boston. investigators are on their way to chicago after an impact -- amtrak train derailed. nearly 200 were on the train that left new orleans yesterday. it was close to pulling into union station when it jumped the tracks. no one was injured. shuttle buses were brought in to take passengers to the train station.
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is brewing.a white it comes after the discovery of thousands of unmarked graves. richard has the story. >> this is like many other parks and.c. with green space playgrounds. underneath, there is a hidden history, perhaps thousands of graves. .alter pearce park >> everybody enjoys it. >> an urban oasis with a hidden history. >> it would be nice to make it a place of memory. arewo separate sections quicker burial grounds. 1800's, an african american cemetery. >> they survived the civil war. >> documenting the more than 8400. here, perhaps as many 10,000,
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has been an eight-year labor of love for this historian. >> if anybody will do it, it will be this generation to restore the sense of dignity the burials deserve. >> she and her colleagues including archaeologists have uncovered skeletal remains and other artifacts. >> to go further back in history to slavery, i am sure i have relatives there. hoped the now overgrown area will be preserved. so we can understand. >> and perhaps even a memorial here, a heritage protected from future development. >> we hope this will be a place , not awhere we celebrate cemetery where we grieve.
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>> she and her colleagues have been able to block plans for gardens overlooking the graves. she would like to see the graves protected and perhaps even a permanent memorial here. the hopes and dreams of millions of americans were dashed last night. >> there was just one winning ticket for the powerball. rob is live in the newsroom. there was a million-dollar winner from our area. >> there was the consolation prize. won $1y in virginia million. that is small change compared to the jackpot. >> we have the biggest jackpot in powerball history. >> the six numbers add up to more than half a dollars -- half a billion dollars for somebody. justs purchased in florida
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outside tampa. >> i cannot believe it. that is shocking. this area would be the winner. >> that is so much money. somebody will be really happy. >> we do not know who has the ticket. one lottery official offered this bit of unusual advice. >> and would sign the ticket and chest.taped to my >> more than 230 million tickets were sold on saturday in just one hour. texas sold more than 1 million tickets in an hour. thatnterest was so strong crashed the jackpot soared over six $590.5 million.
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now it bounces back down to $40 million. but hope springs eternal. >> we will eventually know who the winner is. florida law says the person must come forward publicly. the million dollar ticket in our norton. sold in >> thank you. come, we are continuing to follow breaking news from oklahoma. >> these are live pictures of ralston. steve has be hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] its practically yours. test drive!
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>> new york college student was shot and killed by police responding to a home invasion.
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her while trying to take down her attacker. it was a bullet from a police officer's gun that led to the death of the university student. >> let me start by giving my most sincere condolences to the parents of andrea and jessica. >> it happened during a home invasion robbery of campus. police went there after an 911 call from someone claiming the gunman ordered them out of the house to get cash from an atm. when police arrived, they say the suspect was holding a gun to her head. >> the officer fired eight rounds. ourn stock sevenstruck subject. one round struck the victim. >> she was shot in the head and died. also killed was the suspect,
6:42 pm
as having by police an extensive route sheet and wanted for jumping parole. she was a junior majoring in public relations. the news of her death is extremely hard for the people that knew her. >> she was popular. everybody loved her. she was excited by going to college and making something of her life. >> a police spokesman says the officer who shot her feared for his life with the suspect turned the gun on him. authorities have not released the identity of the officer. >> experts were saying gas prices would continue to fall even over the memorial day weekend. they are doing the opposite. so much for being experts. gas prices have jumped 11 cents over the last few weeks. the average cost is now $3.66.
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the most expensive gas is in minneapolis at $4.27 a gallon. >> we do have more breaking news from oklahoma. they are seeing tornadoes touching down. dozens have been reported on the ground. we're taking a live look at the damage. >> we're g
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today, oklahoma is in the cross hairs. >> it has been quiet for us so far this year. we have not had any severe weather yet. it is still early in the season. take a look outside.
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this is above washington lee high school in arlington. the clouds are beginning to increase. the warm front beginnings to move our way. 77 degrees because of the sunshine at reagan national airport. the average is 76. 96 was the record high in 1997. 73 degrees at george washington university. take usl stop will across the board to maryland at 72. the wind is beginning to settle down. temperatures cooler to the west. the clouds would not let go. 68 in winchester. the clouds beginning to spread over the area. still lots of warmth, especially west of us. chicago is 86. this is on the way the next couple of days. the warm front will move north. that will mean more humid air
6:47 pm
tuesday and wednesday. high pressure will move off the coast. the wind will change the direction more out of the south and west. look at the act of weather across oklahoma city. this moves to the north and east. we have two tornado warnings you will hear about the next couple overnight, strong .torms will push towards tulsa closer to home, no worries about severe weather. we will look for the cost to stick around. we will see patchy fog with drizzle early tomorrow morning. we cannot rule out a chance of popped up showers and thunderstorms. this happens tomorrow afternoon with daytime highs the approach 80 degrees. warmer air arrives on tuesday into wednesday. the highs will be up to 90. here is the overnight, 62 to 68. we're looking for the foggy
6:48 pm
conditions to stick around after sunrise. sun should burn it off quickly. umbrella for showers late in the afternoon. i promised hotter weather and more humidity. tuesday and wednesday, we have got it followed by a cold front thursday and friday. the upcoming weekend appears cool and sunny. temperatures at the beach will be chilly for memorial day. crackedn water has not 63 degrees. >> thank you. >> time to go to san diego. not doing tools hot. ?an they stop it boxing takes center st
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>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the national's wrapped up their series today against the padre's. the padre'sarget of this off-season. they lost out on the sweepstakes.
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the big picture, not so much today. looks to change it. deep left-center. a hard ball park to hit home runs. the second or third home run of the year. keeping you guessing. up seven runs through five innings. venable crushed it. 8-7.s lead alan jones singles to left center. 1.w we have the game tied 1- in controversy. joyce. sit down the right-field line. is it fair or foul? the umpires ruled it a home run. the orioles are on a five-game losing streak. rays win 3-1. there is no other way to describe his performance other
6:53 pm
than an old-fashioned beat down. barely lettive peterson get up for air. he knocked him out in the second round, twice in the third. peterson lost in the third round. the first knockout loss of his career, second overall. title butbtains the lost ground in the hopes of fighting floyd mayweather. he had a great night at the sports complex. just 18 years old, he delivered a fifth round knockout blow to soto. a powerful night capped off by what else? the crowd loved it. he is now 15-0. the crowd loved every minute.
6:54 pm
the spurs dominating the game today. tony parker stood out among the rest. 9-14 shooting with 20 points on the day. quite the show in the western conference final. the second quarter. parker hit a jumper. he was on fire. .n the fourth quarter, cruising he deflects of pass. 105-83. it was close. 2.e bruins beat the rangers 5- is.
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all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>> these are images coming in from oklahoma. you can see the damage done by 32 tornadoes that have touched down. lots of damage left behind. they are still under a warning or what? >> they are under a watch until midnight. the strength of these tornadoes is strong. these houses are built to withstand some tornadoes. are some strong systems out there. >> it is not over yet for this area. ♪
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. bergeron: to celebrate "afv's" biggest show of the season,

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